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Modified Pursa Mendel i2 3d Printer
Build Volume 200mm x 200mm x 150mm

Long Bed 3d Printer
Build Volume 200mm x 425mm x 100mm.
Just finished printing the upper cross bar for 3d Printer Frame

3d Printed Printer using the above 3d Printers
Build Volume 200mm x 200mm x 100mm (upgrading Z to 150mm)
With headed bed.

A 3d Printed Rack and Pinion being tested for moving the bed shown here

X Axis is lifted with the Z Axis elevator, Reducing Z-Banding in the print.


Printrboard is being used, But others would work too.

The extruder has be rotated 90 degrees to increase X-Axis travel.

"Big Red" the Beginings
Parts, "Little Red" and "The Long Bed" 3d Printers have made for
"Big Red 3d Printer" (Prototype)
Goal for build volume 200mm x 425mm x 100mm
With headed bed.

"Big Red 3d Printer" (Prototype)
Part of the Lower Frame.

"Thingiverse Files available for 3d Printing"

"IRC Chat about 3d Printing"
For global group Channel use: #reprap
For Des Moines group Channel use: #area515

Google Hangouts for 3d Printing

i2 Assembly Instruction Manual

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